Free Tampons in California Schools

California Public School Free Tampon Requirement

Starting in 2018, California public schools with a grade 6 to grade 12 class, where 40 percent or more of the overall school population is in poverty, must stock at least half the bathrooms with free feminine hygiene products.

The law is Education Code section 35292.6

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the law apply to private schools? No.

What if more than half of the bathrooms are for boys? Then some of the boys bathrooms will be stocked with sanitary napkins and tampons.

What if the students steal the products to resell for a profit? The school must buy more products to restock the bathrooms.

Can the school charge a fee for the products? No. The sanitary napkins and tampons must be free.

Are free tampons available only to the low income students? No. All students are eligible.

What products must be provided? Tampons and sanitary napkins are mentioned by name. But this is not exhaustive. Additional menstrual products may be provided.

Can other menstrual products be provided instead of tampons? No. Tampons and sanitary napkins must be provided. The school can also provide additional types of menstrual products.

What if boys try to take the products? There is no provision allowing only girls to have access to the products.

Can products only be provided to someone who is menstruating? No. The products must be available for free to any student at any time.

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